Frequently Asked Questions

Procedural questions

How to switch software suppliers

For Portbase customers:

Contact our sales dept. ( and notify them of the supplier change. They will make sure Integration services will contact you and/or your new supplier with information of the new interface.

For Software suppliers:

Changing suppliers is a formal change in our configuration and administration. This can only be done by the legal entity which has the Portbase account. Please let your client contact our sales ( with the request to change supplier.

Notifying Portbase of these changes ensures up-to-date information in our configuration and administration. Information about future changes and updates should be relayed to the correct parties, so it is in your own interest to keep this information current.

How do I get access to test or production environments?

Access to our environments, either production or test, requires configuration for several of our departments. To ensure a smooth and workable process, there's some administration necessary.

For more details on this, please go to our how to connect page. It will explain the required steps to connect to our services.

Functional questions

What is the message flow for service "X"?

The order of messages send or received is described in the service documentation.

If for some reason the flow is unclear to you, please contact our customerservice. They will register a ticket and relay the question to the analist of the desired service.

I don't know what data to provide for field "X".

The specifications on this portal should provide you with the necessary information concerning content of all messages.

Some codes and clarifications can be found on our support page.

If our specifications are not clear on the content of a specific field, and our support page also doesn't provide an answer, please contact our customerservice.

Technical questions

What protocols does Portbase offer for their services?

Portbase has several transmission protocols for it's services:

It depends on the service which protocol they support. In the services overview the supported protocols are indicated on the lower left side. Rule of thumb is that flatfiles (EDIFACT, XML) are done through sFTP, SMTP(s) or AS2. Some of our new services like dataservices receive JSON via a (REST) API.

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