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Dataservice: Discharge Confirmation

Dataservices are new Portbase-services based on specific datasets from the PCS. Companies and software suppliers can implement such datasets in their own processes and systems or use them for the (further) development of logistics innovations. The data is accessed via API’s.

Dataservice Discharge Confirmation provides real-time discharge confirmations from containers at the deep-sea terminals to automate the declarations to customs in your inhouse-system. This service is developed for forwarders. The API request contains a container number in combination with either a BL-number or Call Reference Number and your webhook-URL. Once the container has been discharged, the discharge confirmation details (location and time) are sent to the specified webhook-URL.


  • Real-time insight in when containers are discharged
  • Automatic trigger for follow-up actions in your inhouse-system
  • Efficient planning of transport
  • Reliable data directly from the source

Version: 1.0

Domain: Import (dataservice)

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